2018: The Year of Social Enterprise

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After a year of great activity and planning 2017 came to an end on a very high note for the SEATC:  I hope you all enjoyed the Good Night Market event as much as we did! 2018 is off to a fabulous start as we get into execution mode on much of what we have planned for the year. Activity this year will be around SEATC’s mission to make social enterprise not only a more widely understood and accepted term, but also in shaping a movement that brings us closer to a shared vision of greater effectiveness and sustainable social impact in our communities. Your involvement and engagement in 2018 is key to making this movement a success. We remain committed to facilitating more inclusive conversation, providing educational support and sharing our network and resources to broaden the social enterprise ecosystem in our region.

2018: The Year of Social Enterprise

We look forward to delivering events and programs, as well as bridge connections to the greater social enterprise movement. We look to make 2018 the year of social enterprise by highlighting opportunities for you and your colleagues, including:

  • Knowledge-based forums and expert panel discussions
  • Tips & Tours – a behind-the-scenes look at local social enterprises
  • Community building and networking opportunities
  • Access to SEA National webinars and resources
  • Hosting another great marketplace, spotlighting local products for good
  • Sharing your services and offerings with the greater Twin Cities community

With a new focus on movement building across the social enterprise sector in our region, we look forward to advocating on behalf of the work you are doing and sharing your impact stories. We want to hear from you and to be in conversation with you. Please reach out to us with any upcoming 2018 events or projects you are working on so that we can share with the local and national community.

As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas. We look forward to a year of growth and momentum for the Social Enterprise community!

Thank you to the Bush Foundation for their ongoing financial support of SEATC, and for their commitment to building the Purpose Driven Economy here in our region.

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