Featured Event: Developing Earned Revenue Streams

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Featured Event: Developing Earned Revenue Streams

presented by Diana Peacock of Community Wealth Ventures

Designed for chief executives and senior staff, this webinar will present a process for creating earned revenue to support your nonprofit’s mission.  The presentation will include examples of successful nonprofits implementing these strategies, discuss what it takes to be successful, and provide tips to help nonprofit leaders assess their readiness to implement an earned income strategy.  The webinar will provide focus on the following areas:

1.     What is community wealth (i.e. earned revenue or social enterprise)?

2.     What are the benefits and risks?

3.     What are the keys to success?

4.     How do you know you are ready?

5.     What is the process for getting started?

Community Wealth Ventures (CWV) is a management consulting firm that emboldens and equips leadership teams to innovate, grow and sustain organization that build a better world. CWV offers strategy and implementation services to nonprofit organizations and philanthropic foundations, partnering with them to design and implement innovative approaches to growth and sustainability. CWV supports nonprofit sustainability through a variety of strategies, with core expertise in social enterprise and social franchising. CWV’s collaborative approach to consulting focuses on equipping leadership teams with the skills they need to execute the strategy.  The webinar will be facilitated by Diana Peacock, Director at CWV.

Date: Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time: 12-1pm CST

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