Featured Event: Legal Issues Unique to Social Enterprise

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Featured Event: Legal Issues Unique to Social Enterprise

presented by Marc J Lane of Marc J Lane Wealth Group

The social enterprise is adopting emerging business forms, employing new strategies and tactics to drive positive social change, and spearheading alliances with complementary stakeholders.  This webinar will help social entrepreneurs overcome some of the knottiest legal, tax and governance challenges they face. family: Marc Lane will offer his practical advice about these issues and others:

  • How can the for-profit social enterprise meet its “shareholder primacy” duty to its owners without compromising its mission?
  • How can the nonprofit social enterprise successfully avoid the tax on “unrelated business taxable income”?
  • How can the hybrid social enterprise attract top talent through incentive compensation without inviting an IRS challenge?
  • How can the social enterprise tax-efficiently include endorsements, sponsorships and cause-related marketing initiatives in its revenue mix?
  • For which social enterprise do L3C’s and benefit corporations really make sense?

Date: March 9, 2011

Time: 12-1pm CST

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