Q + A with Mark Ritchie via Minnesota Business Magazine

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“Q+A: Mark Ritchie

Minnesota’s Secretary of State weighs in on social enterprise – and explains his connection to Peace Coffee

Social enterprise has a long history in Minnesota, and it’s growing. These organizations operate a wide range of business models in pursuit of a social mission: fair trade, alleviating poverty, improving the environment, and more. To achieve their goals, these socially conscious businesses sell retail or commercial products and services. They run staffing agencies, manufacturing facilities, bakeries, recycling operations, thrift stores, co-ops, and coffee businesses. They operate with a double bottom line: Profits and social mission. Many have been operating in Minnesota for decades, such as The Arc or Momentum Enterprises. More recently, new businesses with new for-profit models have been launched, such as thedatabank and Sunrise Banks. In support of Minnesota’s diverse social enterprise community, the Social Enterprise Alliance Twin Cities (SEATC) is working to build a thriving local ecosystem. I interviewed Secretary of State Mark Ritchie for his thoughts on social enterprise in Minnesota. —Beth Parkhill, Board President, SEATC”

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