New Revenue Streams for Nonprofit Organizations

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Nonprofits throughout the country are experiencing funding challenges like never before. It is becoming increasingly vital for the non-profit sector to shift from funding strategies that are fear-based and reactive, to solutions that are new, cutting-edge, and proactive.

New Revenue Streams for Nonprofit Organizations at the University of St. Thomas offers participants the knowledge, insight, and tools necessary to identify and access profitable revenue streams. Move your organization forward with tools designed to green your bottom line. This program is designed to help you:

  • Analyze and evaluate your nonprofit’s financial situation
  • Improve your financial acumen and expertise
  • Think critically and strategically about long-term goals
  • Develop a better revenue model to achieve desired financial outcomes
  • Clearly articulate financial strategy to the board and leadership team
  • Move confidently and enthusiastically toward optimal financial performance

If you’re committed to strengthening your nonprofit’s financial situation, enroll today and take advantage of the valuable tools, insights, analysis, and long-term financial planning this program offers. Read more.

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