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There are many nuances in legal structure today that can help the social entrepreneur or enterprise tailor their corporate form to this space, and best position the organization for success. Taking the time to consult experts that have familiarity with our field, and experience in the specific areas you are concerned about will pay big dividends, and may even save you money in the long term.

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All organizations need capital to manage operations and growth from time to time. It’s always best to have the right resources lined up ahead of time before you actually need them, and there are a number of sources that are especially well suited for serving the needs of our sector with funding options aligned with our needs. 

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B-Corp, PBC, L3C

Social enterprises exist in the convergence space between traditional for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations. New corporate forms and certification programs have emerged to help distinguish social enterprises, and the work they do, from the rest of the field. Are you taking advantage of these?.

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Many of the products and services that social enterprises offer receive less attention and visibility then they deserve for a number of reasons, even when those products and services are highly sought after for the additional value they create through social impact. We want to help change that. 

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Face it. There’s a lot of pioneering going on within the social enterprise sector because so much is new and undefined, and at the same time there’s plenty of room for innovation and improvement of practices. Don’t worry – there’s help!

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There’s an old saying that “practice makes perfect”. Training is often the first step in the process of knowing and understanding what a person should be practicing. The good news is, there are an abundance of great resources available to you right in your own backyard.

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