Tomorrow is Social Enterprise Day… in the UK

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Tomorrow Is Social Enterprise Day! 

…In the UK.

What’s keeping us from doing this in the US?

A Social Enterprise Day could quickly increase awareness of all of our organizations — backed by individual and association marketing efforts. Think of GiveMN and all they have accomplished to significantly raise the bar for online giving. It’s an example of what a good idea combined with excellent marketing can accomplish.

During the 2011 Give to the Max Day event, a record breaking 47,534 donors logged on to and donated more than $13.4 million.

At a minimum, let’s encourage social enterprises to buy from one another!  For example, whether it’s custom t-shirts, hiring computer interns, buying cookies or coffee for our next event, thrift shopping, or assembly of our next marketing promotion, buying from ourselves would be a great start. Visit our Member page for more examples of social enterprises you can support.

Quoting Social Enterprise UK, “Trading with one another strengthens our networks and ability to trade, swap intelligence and support the sector in the future.”

The bigger picture, of course, requires us to get on the radar of mainstream businesses and government agencies.  In the UK, they are asking local leaders to purchase from one new social enterprise on Social Enterprise Day.

Ok, so we don’t have one in place this year.  You can still decide to do it yourself.  Make it a point to buy from one social enterprise before year end!

But on to the bigger question.  How can we make this happen in 2013, locally, regionally or nationally? Please send me your thoughts and ideas.


By: Beth Parkhill, Social Enterprise Alliance – Twin Cities Board President, BethParkhill at MentorPlanet dot com

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