Young Presidents’ Organization and Social Enterprise Alliance join forces to grow and strengthen the field of social enterprise in the U.S.

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February 22, 2011 – Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) will partner with Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) to match YPO resources, experience and expertise with high-impact social mission organizations and businesses to build sustainability, capacity and scale. Speakers and site visits with leading social entrepreneurs will raise awareness and educate YPO on social enterprise and how best to engage with the field. One-on-one mentoring matches will be made based on social issue interest, expertise and need.

The field of social enterprise is rapidly expanding in the U.S., filling the gap created by shrinking government funding and increasing social need in both urban and rural communities. Social enterprises pursue simultaneous social and economic development, address social issues in collaboration with other stakeholders, generate revenues to become self-sustaining and often employ those who might otherwise remain unemployed such as the previously incarcerated, recovering addicts and formerly homeless. They are rapidly forming the backbone of healthy and stable communities across the country.

“We are delighted to be working with SEA and look forward to making our membership aware of the tremendous opportunities that SEA-affiliated social enterprises offer for engagement and mentorship,” said Navroze Mehta, YPO Economic Development Network chair for the Americas and managing director of MDI Partners LLC.

“The social enterprise sector is critical to the future of our economy and society in the U.S. SEA could not possibly have a better partner than YPO in pursuing its mission of supporting and strengthening the field through capacity-building, training, mentoring, advocacy and access to capital,” said Lisa Nitze, president and CEO of the Social Enterprise Alliance. “The bringing together of America’s top business and social entrepreneurs and leaders through this partnership can lead to truly extraordinary leaps forward for the sector.”

SEA Chairman Bill Strathmann, president of social enterprise Network For Good, is a YPO member himself. “I am very pleased SEA was invited to participate as an alliance partner in the upcoming YPO Global Leadership Conference in Denver,” he said. “This will give SEA a terrific opportunity to showcase a number of social enterprises from around the country and increase awareness of the impact and importance social enterprises are having everywhere. The more YPOers we can get to engage with the sector and share their time, treasure and talent with our social entrepreneurs, the faster we will see sustainable social change in our communities.”

Long-time YPO leader Doug Mellinger, co-founder and chairman of Foundation Source, has just been elected to the SEA Board of Directors. Doug has been an advocate of social enterprise for decades and hopes to bring his passion for the field and his YPO network to SEA’s mission. “I believe that the key to answering many of the world’s problems is to bring entrepreneurship and scale to the issues. SEA is at the confluence of issues that need to be addressed and I hope to bring my experience, ideas and resources to the table to frame the agenda and push forward with solutions.”

About SEA

The Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) is the largest membership network in the U.S. of social enterprises – nonprofits and social mission businesses using earned revenue strategies to directly address social needs through sale of goods and services and/or by employing people who are disabled or disadvantaged. It pursues its field-building mission through its 10 regional Chapters in LA, SF, Twin Cities, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Baltimore, Boston, Nashville and Tampa Bay. Also see us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

About YPO

YPO is a not-for-profit, global network of young chief executives connected around the shared mission of becoming Better Leaders Through Education and Idea Exchange.TM Founded in 1950, YPO today provides 18,000 peers and their families in more than 100 countries with access to unique experiences, world-class resources, alliances with top learning institutions, and specialized Networks that help them enhance their business, community and personal leadership. Altogether, YPO member-run companies employ more than 15 million people around the world and generate $5.4 trillion in annual revenues. For more information, visit Also see us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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